Laura's Story

I don’t remember learning how to sew, I just always have.  My first plastic baby dollLaura Treas Afirmma Shapewear Headshot was full of holes because I wrapped her with fabric scraps and fashioned her clothing as a toddler using bright headed pins.  

For fifteen years I sold clothing for a national, high-end fashion brand with a multi-level marketing sales model.  In that business, I developed a keen understanding and a great appreciation for what makes for a finely constructed garment.

With my knowledge of garment construction and fashion, I started a business doing custom re-imagining, re-design and creating unique, one-off apparel, because that was my hobby. This was before we had the term "upcycling". I've always believed in quality clothing and purchasing for longevity.

More recently, I partnered with a local entrepreneur to launch a post-surgical garment company with a national footprint.  I created and managed the in-house manufacturing and was the lead garment designer. I also created some innovative custom compression garments. While there, I identified an unmet demand for unique compression garments for the transgender community.  This led me to develop a line of compression tanks called "Binders".  I could see a common thread in the need for garments that give those in transition the feeling of belonging and self-satisfaction. These garments give the wearer the desired silhouette. As a leading developer of compression garments with my own manufacturing company, I have the knowledge and access to the highest quality fabrics that produce the most comfortable binders with the safest results.

Being an innovator and creative person, I have been at the forefront of several culturally important ideas but, none as important as this.


LGBT Chamber of Commerce