Kansas City

Anna McConnell 
She helps trans women with shopping and poise etc. Her website is . 

Point of Pride
An organization that donates binders to people who can’t afford them. I send them binders I have my customers donate to my company. There website is

Children’s Mercy Clinic 
Our Spot KC

Our Spot KC is a hub for resources that support, advance and equip LGBTQ+ individuals to ensure sustainability and improvement in and of the community.

Lion House is an LGBTQ-specific transitional and rapid rehousing program that seeks to come from a community first and housing plus approach. Transitional housing is a short term housing program that is designed to best support specific segments of the homeless population, including working homeless people who are earning too little money to afford long-term housing.

Lion House is a program created by Our Spot KC that is fighting to end homelessness.

United States

The Gerald J Friedman TransGender Program for Health and Wellness-Lenox Hill Hospital

110 East 59th Street Ste.8B

New York, NY 10022

Tel.(212) 434-3556 

Ask for Dee Colon, B.A.

Northwell Health-Great Neck, NY

Medical Director: David Rosenthal, DO, PhD

Contact Trans Health Navigator (516) 622-5195

Macy’s Personal Stylist 

Free, private stylist. This is a national program. There should be one in your city.

Your appointment will be in a private setting and afterwards clothing can be shipped free to your door. Book your appointment at 


Comprehensive Transgender Treatment Center

Centro de Atencion Transgenero Integral

Address: Filadelfia 128, interior 501

Colonia Napoles, Benito Juarez

Dra. Alma Cristina Perez Galvan


Recepcion: 7159-6165 / 7159-4817

Cel. 55 10 48 39 38